IRA The Best Gold Storage Companies

The Best Gold Storage Companies

best gold storage companies

Whether you’re buying gold for an IRA or just want to store it in a safe place, there are plenty of options. Choosing the right one is crucial.

The best gold storage companies offer high-quality customer service and an easy shopping experience. They also provide educational materials and offer a variety of payment methods.

1. Gold Silver Vault

Gold Silver Vault offers a low cost, safe, convenient storage of your physical silver in fully licensed and insured vaults operating independently of the world’s banks. Their partner vaults are in some of the most secure countries in the world, including Switzerland and Singapore.

They offer vaulted coins, bars, and bullion, and their storage options are suitable for both small and large investment portfolios. They also offer IRA-eligible coins and bars, such as the American Gold Buffalo, the Australian Gold Kangaroo, and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

The company also provides a range of account types, allowing you to manage your precious metals in the manner that suits you best. These include individual, joint, trust, and limited liability company accounts. Additionally, you can pay for storage of your gold in US dollars, Euros, or British Pounds Sterling.

2. International Depository Services

Whether you are a bullion trader, a coin investor or simply looking to store your precious metals, you need to choose a gold storage company that will ensure the safety of your assets. There are three options: keep your gold at home, use a bank’s safe deposit box system or pay a third party storage firm to manage it.

International Depository Services, or IDS, is a leading global provider of storage and distribution services in the precious metals industry. Its facilities are fully insured and staffed with security specialists.

IDS has three full-service, secure precious metals depositories in North America that serve institutional and individual investors, IRA custodians, markets, refineries, mining operations and international mints.

IDS is a division of Dillon Gage Inc, a company with a top-tier global reputation in the bullion and numismatic industries. Its depositories are state-of-the-art and equipped with UL-rated, multi-redundant security systems monitored 24/7 by off-site security specialists.

3. Brinks

Brinks is one of the best gold storage companies in the world. It has over 150 years of experience in storing valuables and has vaults all over the world.

It is a reputable and trusted company that is highly recommended for storing private investor assets and other valuables. The company’s vaults are well secured and monitored by armed guards.

The company also offers co-mingled and segregated storage options for customers. The segregated option ensures that your precious metals will be stored in their own individual locations and not mixed with those of other investors.

Besides, Brinks also offers security and logistics services. They offer secure shipments via air, sea, and road transport.

4. TDS Vaults

TDS Vaults is a highly secure gold storage company with several locations worldwide. Simply open an account with TDS and select which location you would like to have your metals stored at.

Your metals will be securely placed in a vault operated by the world’s most reputable security companies. These vaults use advanced 24/7 security features and full-time guards to ensure your precious metals are protected.

These facilities also offer a double insurance policy for your peace of mind. This includes both the depository’s own insurance and TDS corporate insurance, making your metals doubly protected!

Money Metals is a US-based depository that provides low fees and the best possible protection for investors. They offer secure Class 3 vault storage in Delaware and Massachusetts with a state-of-the-art facility that’s monitored 24/7.