IRA Patriot Trading Group (formerly All American Gold)

Patriot Trading Group (formerly All American Gold)

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Founded in 1996, Patriot Trading Group is a precious metals dealer based in Phoenix, Arizona. It also facilitates Precious Metals IRAs through a partnership with GoldStar Trust Company. Its inventory consists of mainly rare gold and silver numismatic coins, and it offers IRA-eligible American Gold Eagles.

The company has a limited selection of IRA-eligible precious metals and does not sell bars. It does, however, offer a metals program that allows investors to build their portfolio monthly.

Free consultations

The company, formerly known as All American Gold, is a precious metals investment firm that has stores in Phoenix, Arizona and Johnstown, Colorado. Its inventory focuses on rare gold numismatic coins and the IRA-eligible Gold American Eagle coin. It also provides its clients with the option of investing a small amount each month to build a precious metals portfolio. Its website features a contact line with customer service agents and sales associates, but it also allows customers to schedule appointments with its founder for one-on-one consultations.

Patriot Gold Group has a limited selection of gold and silver coins and does not sell bars or platinum or palladium pieces. The company does not offer IRA support for its products, but its founder offers free consultations to potential clients. It also has a blog and podcast that provides insight into the industry. Unfortunately, the company does not have many online reviews. This lack of reviews makes it difficult to judge if the company is trustworthy.

Free IRA setup

Patriot Gold Group offers a unique precious metals IRA program that allows customers to invest in hard precious metal assets without paying upfront fees. Investors are required to set a monthly investment amount, which the company withdraws and uses to purchase precious metal assets on their behalf. This program is a great way for new investors to get started in the precious metal market. However, it’s important to note that PGG charges one-time setup and annual maintenance fees.

The company’s inventory is limited, and it focuses mainly on gold and silver coins. It also offers IRA-eligible bullion, and it partners with Gold Star Trust Company for custodial services. It doesn’t offer platinum or palladium, though. Additionally, it does not provide a way to trade precious metals between accounts. This may be a problem for high-net-worth investors. In addition, the company’s website doesn’t have any customer reviews. Ideally, potential buyers should speak with a representative before committing to a purchase.

Free IRA maintenance

Patriot Trading Group (formerly All American Gold) is a precious metals investment company. It is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and has satellite locations in Johnstown, CO. It sells gold and silver coins and also provides Precious Metals IRA facilitation services.

Its online catalog shows that its primary focus is on rare gold numismatic coins. However, it does offer IRA-eligible gold American Eagle coins. It has partnered with GoldStar Trust Company to provide custodial services for IRAs.

The company also offers a metals program that lets investors invest a set amount each month. The money is deducted from the investor’s credit card on file. This allows investors to practice the DCA method of investing and build up a portfolio over time.

While it does not offer a full range of precious metals, Patriot Trading Group is able to accommodate its customers. Its IRA-approved products include silver and gold bullion bars, rounds, and coins. These products are a good alternative to traditional paper investments.

Free vault storage

Formerly known as All American Gold, Patriot Trading Group is a Phoenix gold dealer that also has locations in Johnstown, Colorado and Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a precious metal investment company that sells both rare gold numismatic coins and IRA-eligible Gold American Eagle coins. Their online catalog shows that their primary focus is on gold and silver numismatic coins, but they offer a wide range of options for Precious Metals IRAs.

Their unique metals program allows investors to invest a set amount each month, which will build up their portfolio over time. This program does not charge setup fees, cancelation fees, or portfolio review fees. This allows investors of all incomes to invest in precious metals.

The company also has a number of different ways for customers to contact their team. This includes a phone line, email, and one-on-one meetings with the CEO Joe Jaquint. Unlike many other precious metal dealers, they do not allow cold calling and respect their clients’ privacy.