IRA Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

Johnson Matthey is one of the most recognizable names in bullion production. They produce gold bars in a variety of weight denominations, but they are most famous for their 10 ounce and 1 oz bars.

Their silver bars are also a great way to start building your investment portfolio. They come in a wide variety of sizes and carry.9999 fineness.


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This bar is manufactured by Johnson Matthey, a company that has been in business since 1817 and is the world’s most respected precious metal refiner. The company has a long and distinguished history, and its bars are a favorite of bullion dealers and stackers.

Founded by Percival Norton Johnson in 1817, Johnson Matthey eventually partnered with George Matthey in 1852 to become one of the world’s top producers of precious metals and bullion. They have since diversified into many different aspects of the precious metal refining industry and now operate out of their US facility, which was purchased by Asahi Holdings in 2014. Their ten ounce gold bars are highly liquid and reasonably priced.


Johnson matthey gold bars are a highly-recommended and durable investment. These high purity bullion bars are minted and cast at an official refinery in Canada, offering a wide variety of weight denominations.

These bullion bars come in several sizes, including 10 ounces and 1 ounce varieties. Each bar is unique and carries its own serial number, which is also engraved on the front.

The company was founded in 1817 by Percival Norton Johnson, a gold assayer. Later, George Matthey joined the business in 1851.

Throughout the years, this British company has diversified its business to include many different aspects of metals refining and minting. It has become known the world over for its products and reputation.

Their gold and silver bullion is recognized around the globe for its quality and durability. They are one of the world’s most reputable producers of bullion products and are trusted by both investors and collectors alike.


Johnson Matthey is a British company that specializes in refining and distribution of different precious metals. Their services include gold and silver analysis, refinement, and chemicals.

They have been in business since 1817 and are known for their high quality gold bullion bars. Their one ounce flat bar is a staple in many investors’ collections.

These bars have the logo of Johnson Matthey on the obverse and the initials JM by two crossed mallets on the reverse side. They also have a unique serial number next to the weight 1 OUNCE TROY.

Another way to identify a Johnson Matthey bar is by its engraved stamps. These include a stamp that shows the purity of the bullion, as well as the quantity of troy ounces.

Other stamps on Johnson Matthey gold bars include the logo, the name of the refiner, and a serial number. Some of their smaller sized gold bars are encased in plastic, while others come uncased.


Johnson matthey gold bars are one of the most trusted bullion brands in the world. These bullion products are highly liquid and reasonably priced, which makes them a great option for investors.

They’re also compliant with IRS requirements for inclusion within personal IRAs. Precious metals IRAs are an efficient way to diversify your investment portfolio by adding physical gold and silver to your mix of stock fluctuations and bond independence.

The 1 oz gold bars are the most popular, and are known as the “gold standard.” They command a slight premium from both a collectable standpoint and an evaluative standpoint.

They’re made of a higher level of purity than most other gold bars. They can be bought online or through a reputable bullion dealer. The obverse of these bars feature simple engravings and the famed Johnson Matthey logo, along with the bar’s weight, purity, assayer’s mark, and serial number.