IRA How Much Does PCGS Currency Grading Cost?

How Much Does PCGS Currency Grading Cost?

pcgs currency grading cost

Having your coins graded by PCGS is an excellent way to improve their value. The grading process involves expert numismatists examining the coin’s luster, strike, and surface preservation. It also authenticates the coin to confirm it is genuine.

To ensure your submissions arrive safely, please send them in PVC-free banknote sleeves or holders. You must also pay the Service Level, Guarantee Premium, and Return Shipping Fees.

Cost per coin

If you’re interested in getting your coins graded by PCGS, it’s important to know the costs involved. You can find a full list of pricing information on the PCGS website. You’ll also need to factor in shipping and insurance fees.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from several grading tiers. Each option comes with an estimated turnaround time. The tiers are determined by the value of your coin and its expected condition after being graded. You can also choose to add a Guarantee Premium to your submission.

Once you’ve selected the grading tier and price that suits your budget, carefully pack and ship your coin(s) to PCGS. The company’s expert graders will evaluate and assign a new numerical grade to your coin(s). Once completed, your coin(s) will be shipped back to you in a sonically sealed, tamper-evident holder. Follow PCGS’s submission guidelines closely to avoid any delays or rejections. Having your coins graded by PCGS will increase their value and make them easier to sell in the future.

Cost per submission

The cost per submission at PCGS is dependent on the service level you choose. The higher the service level, the more expensive the coin. The grading process involves a series of experts working in controlled conditions to determine the coin’s grade. These determinations are recorded and compiled until a consensus is reached. Each coin is then assigned a numerical grade.

To submit your coins for grading, place them individually in 2 1/2′′ x 2 1/2′′ mylar flips. These are a better alternative to acrylic snap cases and cardboard holders. Label each mylar flip using a sticker with the submission number and line number for each coin in your submission.

When submitting raw coins for grading, you may also choose to have your coin regraded or cross over. If you select the Regrade or Crossover option, please note that the coin will be removed from its current holder and re-graded. This process will incur a Guarantee Premium and additional grading fees.

Cost per grading report

When you submit currency to PCGS, you’ll pay a fee for the service. This fee includes grading fees and the Guarantee Premium, which is equal to 1% of your coin’s final grade. The cost of submitting a currency to PCGS will depend on the coin’s grade and its value.

The grading process involves several steps. First, the coin is analyzed to determine its authenticity. This step is important because counterfeits are common in this field. Once the coin is verified, it is then inspected for alterations.

At this stage, each coin is assigned an order number and a unique certification number. This information is stored in the database, which allows the PCGS team to identify each coin as it goes through the grading process. This information also appears on the PCGS label. This allows collectors to track each coin’s progress and ensure that it is safe from tampering or alteration.

Cost per re-grading

Getting your valuable coins or banknotes graded by PCGS will increase their value when you sell them. However, grading a coin is not cheap. You have to pay for a submission membership and a fee per coin, which will vary depending on the value of the coins. Moreover, you have to pay for return shipping.

You can choose a grading tier that fits your budget. Each tier comes with a different estimated turnaround time. You can also select a premium service level to add additional security features such as Gold Shield.

If you have a coin that you believe is overgraded or counterfeit, you can use the PCGS Reconsideration Service. This allows you to submit your coins without removing them from their current holders. However, if your coin is upgraded by one numeric point or more, you will be charged a Guarantee Premium. Moreover, the Reconsideration Service only applies to coins with an original Gold Shield holder.